Stirling Accounting

Our Work About Stirling Accounting Stirling Accounting is a bookkeeping business dedicated to serving small businesses and training clients on how to do their own bookkeeping in house. Stirling Accounting’s logo is a combination of two imageries- the Scottish landmark Stirling Castle (incorporating the owner’s Scottish heritage, the concept of guarded safety as well as […]

This America

Our Work About This America This America is a gritty TV series put on by CrossPolitic that highlights the innovation and energy of patriotic Christian American businesses. For this project we created a brand and website that encapsulates the bold faith and freedom loving patriotism that this show emphasises. Project Scope Brand Identity Visual Direction […]

Pengo Media

Our Work About Pengo Media Pengo Media is a consulting company that coaches and prepares public figures for interviews and schedules clients in their vast network of tv shows, podcasts, and radio connections, crafting their media for maximum exposure. Their goal is to tap into the potential of media and use the endless resources of […]


Our Work About Crosspolitic CrossPolitic (Christ over politics) mixes the taboo formula of faith, culture, and politics to bring the clarity of the gospel into muddle America. We are a community of Christians who desire to see the Lordship of Christ in every corner of our culture, reigning over every politician, and changing every individual […]

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